2016 Trump campaign

Carter Page: Deep state FBI informant Halper intensified contact just before FISA court issued spy warrant

What’s in a word? Spy vs. Spy euphemism at the FBI, an agency that HAS and DOES use them — including against Team Trump

Attkisson: ‘FBI FISA abuses routine’ before deep state spying on Trump over ‘panic’ he would really ‘drain the swamp’

CONFIRMED: Papadopoulos was framed by deep state Obama operatives, then exploited to frame POTUS Trump

Did the FBI’s SPIES collect info on Trump campaign before authorization? Devin Nunes wants to know

Judge TOSSES bogus DNC-inspired ‘lawfare’ suit against POTUS Trump, 2016 campaign: Roger stone BLASTS the Deep State

(National Sentinel) Bogus: In April the Democratic National Committee, desperate to keep the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative on life support, filed a “lawfare” lawsuit against POTUS Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and several campaign officials. As breathlessly reported by The…

Sara Carter: Allies’ Five Eyes global SPY arrangement exposed over Trump-Russia hoax

BAM: U.S., British intel officials BOTH in on targeting of Trump campaign

What is Rubio’s problem? He says he’s seen ‘no evidence’ Obama SPIED on Team Trump

Cornyn: FBI’s culture of corruption is COMEY’S fault

Liar James Clapper now trying to cover for former boss Obama: ‘I’m sure he had no knowledge’ about Trump spy

Columnist: ‘The DEMOCRATS now have THEIR own Watergate!’

Former White House spox: ‘OF COURSE Obama AUTHORIZED Spygate’

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