2018 midterms

It’s now CLEAR: Democrats STOLE congressional seats in California… here’s how they did it

Midterm exit polls show majorities want POTUS Trump’s border wall

Sore loser Stacey Abrams won’t call Brian Kemp ‘governor’ of Georgia

If GOP claims of vote fraud in Florida are bogus, why did the state Democratic Party just lawyer up?

Rick Scott GAINS votes in Fla.; calls on Nelson to hang it up

CNN finally gets it right: Left-wing judges will have to ‘bend the law’ to hand Dems victory in Fla. elections

Two OBAMA-appointed judges rule in favor of Stacy Abrams, putting her closer to stealing election

Rubio warns: Dem lawyers in Fla. asking judge to CHANGE laws so they can STEAL election

Thanks to Democrat vote fraud and election tampering, trust in our entire system is collapsing — which is what they want

Congressman-elect and former SEAL Dan Crenshaw appears on SNL: It was good (Video)

Massive election fraud in Florida reveals the deep deception of Democrats… they do this in every election, too

Showdown: Judge ORDERS crooked Broward County to produce all ballots by Friday deadline

Red alert for the Republic: HALF of Americans just voted to destroy the country by putting socialist Democrats in charge

NYTimes’ Paul Krugman says all Republicans are not just bad people, they are liars, too

No ‘blue wave’ as POTUS Trump says GOP defied history with Senate wins

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