25th Amendment

Judicial Watch sues Justice Dept. for all records regarding all discussions of invoking 25th amendment, recording Trump (Video)

Trump accuses Sessions, Rosenstein, and McCabe of ‘illegal and treasonous’ plot to overthrow him

Now what? Turns out Rosenstein was SERIOUS about planned coup against POTUS Trump

Nikki Haley: World leaders ‘don’t understand’ why crazy U.S. media constantly bashes POTUS Trump

House Freedom Caucus demands Rosenstein testify to Congress or RESIGN

Rep. Meadows wants Rod Rosenstein to testify UNDER oath about NY Times spying report

Mark Levin to POTUS: ‘Don’t fire Rosenstein because NY Times piece likely a setup’

A setup? NY Times claims Rosenstein offered to secretly record POTUS Trump to remove him via 25th amendment

Sen. Graham: ‘Anonymous’ NYTimes op-ed PROVES Mueller has nothing on POTUS

Lindsey Graham on claim ’25th Amendment’ considered for POTUS Trump: ‘I call BS’

Dershowitz: Dems’ attempts to have Trump removed over ‘mental unfitness’ like SOVIETS, CHICOMS (Video)

Unhinged: Dozens of Dems sign on to begin process of removing Trump

Congressional critics holding discussions to oust Trump using 25th Amendment: Report

Trump isn’t the one who needs to ‘get a grip,’ it’s hysterical Democrats

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