ABC News

POTUS Trump schools former Clinton sycophant Stephanopoulos about taking ‘foreign dirt’ on political opponent

SHOCKING video: Adult migrants push children underwater, through razor wire to get into U.S.; but Democrats STILL say there’s no ‘crisis’ on the border?

What is Rubio’s problem? He says he’s seen ‘no evidence’ Obama SPIED on Team Trump

Former CIA Director Hayden DESTROYS James Clapper’s claims that Russia changed election outcome

Another day, another mainstream media fake news report: NBC, ABC, forced to walk back report over Cohen ‘phone tap’

Trump announces FAKE NEWS Awards and breaks the Internet: Guess who won THE MOST?

LOL: CNN’s Jim Acosta jousts with Huckabee Sanders in trying to justify and defend FAKE news

Moore accuser ADMITS she forged yearbook post: Report

Trump: Investors should SUE ABC News after fake Flynn report caused stock market tank

Fake News: ABC forced to ‘correct’ bombshell Flynn report AFTER stock market collapsed 350 points

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