Navy SEAL and wounded warrior hero Dan Crenshaw expertly ‘schools’ crazed college kid who called him ‘Nazi’

After 18 years U.S., Taliban moving closer to an agreement ending Afghan war

Promise kept: U.S. troops begin withdrawing from Syria as Pompeo slaps down fake news

Trump effect: Now that POTUS wants to end wars, Democrats suddenly support them

Iraqi, Afghan interpreters for U.S. forces wait YEARS for visas while Dems demand immediate access for caravan migrants

Time to go: U.S. pouring billions into Afghanistan as half of country STILL in Taliban hands

An Afghan ‘Viceroy?’ Blackwater founder PUSHES new plan to ‘privatize’ war

A REAL hero: Amazing video captures final act of Air Force Medal of Honor recipients’ LAST stand in Afghanistan (Watch)

UNREAL: Obama KILLED plan to prevent Afghanistan from lapsing into a NARCO-state run by the Taliban

Trump does video call with troops on Thanksgiving, and MSNBC can’t handle it

Bergdahl pleads guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy

Gorka departs White House over Afghan strategy

Trump: U.S. will ‘fight to win’ in Afghanistan

Trump said to have tense meeting with generals over ‘losing’ Afghanistan war, but he’s right to demand one

Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy: We’ll stay engaged, but we want the mining rights

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