Deep State continues to resist POTUS Trump as newly confirmed Interior secretary Bernhardt ALREADY under investigation

Want Jussie Smollett to actually PAY for the investigation into his hate hoax felony? There’s a form for that

Lengthy Senate, FBI investigation into Kavanaugh accusations finds ‘NO EVIDENCE’ to back claims — again

WTH? Robert Mueller has referred allegations of sexual assault against him to the FBI

Hillary: Allegations of sexual assault against hubby Bill ‘different’ from those against Kavanaugh

No evidence needed to destroy the lives of conservatives, as accusations alone are now PROOF

Ford contradicts KEY detail from WaPo story, saying she doesn’t recall who drove her home

Latest Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick graduated high school in 1980, so why was she partying with minors in 1982?

Lindsey Graham: Kavanaugh allegations ‘collapsing’ as poll says majority want up-or-down vote on nominee

Rep. Meadows wants Rod Rosenstein to testify UNDER oath about NY Times spying report

Kavanaugh producing calendars to refute Ford’s claims — he wasn’t even in town

White House SLAMS new Kavanaugh sex abuse allegations; pushes back with DETAILED rebuttal

Pompeo’s message to Deep State: ‘If you’re not on POTUS’ team, get out’

McConnell vows to ‘plow through’ the barriers to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court

Kavanaugh accuser Blasey Ford’s high school yearbooks scrubbed of info about wild sex parties, drunken blackouts, and more

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