GoFundMe Marxists cancel fundraiser for white South Bend cop after calling shooting a ‘hate crime’

Public education in America has sunk so low it is now nearly indistinguishable from pedophilia indoctrination

New data indicates America on the verge of civil war, and neither side will back off

MAGA-supporting patriots now labeled “white nationalists,” which the Left claims are no different than “white supremacists”

Yes, liberals allow pedophile drag queens to read story time books to your children in public school… and here’s proof

Leftist narrative destroyed: ‘Extremist’ murders in U.S. have DROPPED under Trump, not risen

HATE is the currency of the Left, and they spend it carelessly

It’s now clear: Jussie Smollett and the Obama Left have set race relations back 100 years

Views: The American Left doesn’t just hate conservatives, they want to exterminate us

Report: White House prepping for Ruth Bader Ginsburg departure

Sesame Street’s ‘Food Insecure Lily’ now to focus on child homelessness; should be calling out Dems for supporting illegal aliens

Unlike Antifa, the FBI says Proud Boys is NOT a domestic terrorist group

Is the Left willing to DIE to take away our guns?

Democrat HATE: Florida man arrested for threatening to KILL GOP lawmaker

Ted Cruz heckled by anti-Kavanaugh Leftists again, this time at an airport

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