America First

Steelworkers union: USMCA contains much stronger labor protections than NAFTA, TPP

Psych prof: If you’re conservative, you’re just predisposed to being RACIST

Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kobach: ‘Trump populist nationalism FUTURE of GOP’

Trump in Davos declares: ‘America OPEN for BUSINESS’ as Wall Street has another RECORD day

Trump STORMS Davos: ‘Invest in AMERICA’ speech will turn prez into ROCK star

Sen. Tom Cotton BLOWS UP Dem’s claims regarding DACA ‘popularity’

Survey: ALL races believe U.S. politicians NOT putting America first

Zuckerberg reveal: Facebook-aligned group releases study showing 700,000 American jobs would be created if Trump ends DACA

Firms following Trump’s ‘Americans first,’ hiring more U.S. workers at higher wages than foreign replacements

Foxconn adding SECOND plant in key battleground state Trump won: #MAGA

Globalist freakout at G20 as Trump continues to put American interests first

Trump’s tough ‘America first’ trade talk may already be paying dividends: Report

Globalist George Soros declares Trump’s America is a “hostile nation” because he dares to put ‘America first’

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