Ann Coulter

Fed up: Trump calls Ann Coulter ‘whacky nut job’ as he schools her on his border progress

Coulter SHOCKER: ‘Trump will be the last Republican president’

Fact check: What the dishonest fake news establishment media gets wrong about “birthright citizenship” and the 14th Amendment

GAMING our system: Illegal aliens using minors to gain entry into U.S. up 315 percent

Carlson and Coulter DESTROY establishment media MYTH that ‘America LOVES Dreamers!’

Coulter: If GOP wants to retain majority, ‘BUILD the WALL’

Coulter: Hold ‘on the record’ votes regarding Trump’s immigration policies to see ‘which Republicans to primary’

Coulter: Trump should return to original plan of banning ALL immigrants

Is the Fascist Left pushing Berkeley to the brink?

Police: ’99 percent chance’ there will be violence at Berkeley if Ann Coulter speaks

Coulter speech cancellation rescinded, but how will UC-Berkeley protect her?

The Marxists win: UC-Berkeley cowards cancel Ann Coulter speech

Coulter advice to Trump: Get back to immigration, the wall, trade and infrastructure; leave Ryan ‘corporate GOP stuff’ alone

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