‘End Domestic Terrorism’ event organizer Joe Biggs calls out Big Tech for allowing Antifa, far-Left to encourage more attacks

CNN celebrated Antifa firebomb attacker as one of ‘the good guys’ during segment praising left-wing ‘activism’

Tucker: Antifa has support of ‘respectable Left’ as group factions call for more ‘direct action’ following Tacoma ICE attack

Yes, the Tacoma, Wash., ICE facility attacker was an ‘anti-fascist’ ‘anarchist’ — but you won’t see that in the ‘mainstream’ media

Massive rally of conservatives, Proud Boys being planned in Portland after Antifa beating of journalist Andy Ngo

Dershowitz: Trump admin needs to step up against rising Left-wing violence

CNN continues to serve as Antifa’s propaganda network after more than 15 journalists have been assaulted by its members

Portland mayor claims he didn’t order cops to ‘stand down’ in face of Antifa; Andy Ngo’s lawyer blasts him

Antifa planning to use acid in attacks on conservatives at D.C. speech rally?

Lawyer for Andy Ngo issues big-time legal threat to antifa thugs who attacked him

Yes, conservative Trump supporters, Democrats hate us and believe they have a right to exterminate us

U.S. ambassador Grenell calls on Justice Department to probe violent Antifa attack on indy journalist in Portland: This is domestic terrorism

Left-wing anarchy has gotten so BAD in Portland that the sheriff won’t let his deputies respond to calls inside the city

Charlottesville judge rules Confederate monuments protected by state law and cannot be removed

The FBI just busted up an attempt by Antifa to stage an ARMED rebellion along the U.S.-Mexico border

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