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POTUS Trump is kicking butt in the polls and THAT’S why radical Dems demure on impeachment

2020 LANDSLIDE? Trump’s approval rating at all-time HIGH as he tops Obama at same time in presidency

Boom! Most Americans oppose Trump impeachment and see Mueller’s probe as ‘witch hunt’

Despite near-universal negative media coverage, Trump’s approval STILL better than Obama

MASSIVE hit: Trump’s State of the Union Address scores 76 percent approval in post-speech survey

2020: Trump campaign manager Parscale says POTUS approval at highest since Oval Office immigration speech

Survey: Record number of Americans support POTUS Trump’s handling of economy

This statistic puts the big LIE to Democratic claims that ‘Hispanics hate TRUMP’

This ONE stat from brand-new Trump approval poll has DEMS PETRIFIED

WINNING: Trump’s approval rating RISES again on SOLID support from GOP voters

DEM pollster: Trump doing MUCH BETTER than his critics think

Results MATTER: POTUS Trump’s approval rating HIGHER than DEM demigod OBAMA at same point in presidency

BACKFIRE! POTUS Trump’s approval ratings RISE after month of immigration hysteria from LEFT — even among Hispanics! (Video)

More BAD news for unhinged Dems counting on that ‘big blue wave’ in 2018

‘Blue Wave’ LIE: Support for Democrats in key demographic collapsing

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