Disgusting: Starbucks barista told six Arizona cops to LEAVE because ONE customer felt…’unsafe’

Arizona Gov to Nike following decision to pull Betsy Ross shoes: ‘Don’t come to our state, we’re doing fine without you’

Arizona school suspends student for posing in POTUS gear with flag: Remember when teachers forced kids to sing Obama’s praises?

Arizona sheriff to Democrats in DC: ‘Walls work’ to reduce illegal immigration, crime

POTUS Trump warns of Arizona Dems election theft: ‘Signatures DON’T match!’

Is she trying to lose? The things far-Left Arizona Dem Krysten Sinema has said

INSANITY: Dem congressional candidate in ARIZONA booed repeatedly for supporting ICE (Video)

Oath Keepers calling for volunteers to search for suspected child sex trafficking sites in Arizona

Oh, GREAT: Report says Cindy McCain preparing to take over John McCain’s senate seat

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This is CNN: Network spins Democrat loss of House race in Arizona as…good for Democrats

Texas, Arizona ALREADY deploying Guard troops to border

Civil War: Domestic terror group Antifa Leftists to hold ‘Armed Defense’ workshop in Arizona

Bannon, Ingraham unite to help depose #nevertrump GOP Sen. Flake

Trump invades Phoenix, declares victory as Alt-Left heads explode (again)

Terrorism Party: Arizona Dem threatened to throat-punch female GOP colleague

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