Capitol Police arrest Dem staffer Jackson Cosko for ‘doxxing’ GOP senators; may he rest in jail

Security guard REFUSES to help Houston PD officer with suspect so she can film the arrest (Video)

Man puts $500 BOUNTY on ICE agents and is now regretting it

ANOTHER triggered Left-wing Democrat ARRESTED for threatening to kill GOP campaign worker, Trump supporters

Rudy G: In wake of DoJ IG report showing FBI bias, Sessions and Rosenstein must pull the plug on Mueller witch hunt

PAYDIRT: Senate Intelligence Committee aide BUSTED for leaking to NY Times reporter

Why isn’t serial lawbreaker Rosie O’Donnell being perp walked to a jail cell?

California’s Democratic AG threatens to ARREST Orange County sheriff for assisting ICE agents

That time when Rosie O’Donnell committed a FELONY

University of Illinois instructor arrested after confronting conservative students

INDICTED: Manafort told to surrender as he becomes special counsel Mueller’s FIRST target

MLB player who knelt during anthem has been arrested for aggravated assault

Mueller probe’s pending arrest leaked to CNN?

Utah cop who manhandled and arrested nurse has been fired

It’s time to arrest the editor of the Washington Post — for inciting violence

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