Megan McCain used ‘assassination language’ against POTUS Trump and the media, as usual, yawned

Democrat HATE: Florida man arrested for threatening to KILL GOP lawmaker

Rand Paul worries current political climate caused by DEMS will lead to an assassination

America’s left-wing communists openly plot mass assassinations through Twitter groups

SHOCKER: Rep. Mo Brooks says some GOP lawmakers retiring over ASSASSINATION worries

Missouri state senator who hoped for Trump assassination and tweeted threat to Gov. Grietens now wants reparations for slavery

Russia kicking out 60 Americans, closing U.S. consulate, as tensions with the West reach their MAX

JFK files: FBI alleged that Martin Luther King, Jr., had secret affairs, love child, orgies

Trump to permit release of still-secret JFK files

Disgusting Missouri lawmaker who called for Trump’s assassination refuses to do the right thing and resign

Report: North Korea’s Kim lives in fear of assassination by the West

Trump has opportunity to release secret JFK files within months – will he do it?

SEAL team that took out bin Laden said to be training in South Korea to strike Kim Jong-un

Trump: ‘Snoop would be in jail’ if he ‘shot’ Obama on video

Unprecedented HATE: To date, more than 12,000 tweets have called for Trump’s assassination

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