New Trump administration asylum rule should dramatically curb migration from Central America — if it holds

Trump turns tables on Democrats, blames THEM for deaths of migrant father, daughter: ‘They won’t change the laws’

Former acting ICE director Homan blasts RINOs, says Mexico ‘hasn’t done squat’ to help curb illegal migration (Video)

GOP Rep. Collins challenges DEMS to fix border crisis: ‘What I just saw would break your heart’

Congress dithers as border collapses: Nearly 9-in-10 illegals skip court hearing after release into U.S.

Court WIN: Federal appeals panel rules Trump admin can continue sending asylum seekers to Mexico

Former ICE chief: ‘Forget Congress’ when it comes to dealing with border security crisis

Pope Francis provides a half-million bucks to fund continued migrant invasion of U.S.

Asylum crisis in Maine: Dems shift taxpayer money from needy citizens to pay for needs of migrants

Here’s what that $10 billion payoff to Mexico and Central America bought: A new effective asylum policy

Did this House Dem leader assist in an illegal border crossing?

Trump admin to appeal ‘Obama judge’ ruling that halted president’s new asylum policy

Border Patrol officials: Caravan migrant males using women, children as SHIELDS to throw rocks at agents

Laws and oaths: Making the case for why POTUS Trump should IGNORE Fed judge’s asylum ruling

Thanks to Mexico, the lead migrant caravan is stalling

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