Gowdy, Chaffetz blast ‘mainstream’ media over double standards in covering Dem-controlled House: ‘Where was the outrage when Obama refused to provide info?’

BOOM: Family of Covington teen files major lawsuit against Washington Post — and more are coming

Report: Top DoJ official warned ‘Russia dossier’ connected to Hillary and could be BIASED

Bias? Left-wing establishment networks may not broadcast POTUS Trump’s immigration emergency speech

Same Facebook that banned conservative political ads gladly accepted 100 out of 100 ads from fictional U.S. Senators

Extremely biased high school history textbook casts Christians and Trump supporters as RACISTS and BIGOTS

There IS a DEEP STATE! Text messages reveal SECRET SOCIETY within Justice, FBI, working AGAINST TRUMP (Video)

WINNER! U.S. ‘mainstream media’ now considered LESS trustworthy than state-controlled RUSSIAN, VENEZUELAN media

Ingraham: Mueller’s Russia probe ‘irreparably tainted’; ‘will and should’ collapse (Video)

Gowdy SLAMS special counsel probe as obviously BIASED (Video)

Jarrett: Mueller’s ‘house of cards’ is collapsing as GOP pieces together scandal of Trump ‘collusion’ investigation (Video)

Former judge sez if Flynn did not know about FBI agent being removed for bias, his case can be dismissed

Teen Vogue writer has no problem if ‘innocent men’ accused of sexual harassment lose their jobs

Latino Florida congressman rejected from Hispanic Caucus…because he’s not a Democrat

Establishment media coverage of Trump nearly ALL negative

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