Big Government

As Kamala Harris and Obama prove, Democrats have to lie in order to get you to believe their healthcare proposals

U.S. government is BIGGEST obstacle to upgrading our aging power grid as failures loom

Expert: Even doubling all income taxes won’t cover the LOWEST cost estimate of socialist ‘BernieCare’

‘Queen’ Kamala would use govt. to force Americans to ‘change their behavior’ due to ‘climate change’

Kamala Harris and other radical Leftists now define government debt spending on entitlement programs an “investment” that they claim will produce “a return”

HUGE: Supreme Court ruling could be the beginning of the end for federal regulations

POTUS Trump is DRAINING the SWAMP with new ‘Fresh Eyes’ initiative to REFORM federal bureaucracy

“Crazy Bernie” wants to give everyone a government job — what could go wrong?

There IS a DEEP STATE! Text messages reveal SECRET SOCIETY within Justice, FBI, working AGAINST TRUMP (Video)

Trump wants to end welfare as Bill Clinton knew it

EPA spending $1.2 million on ‘environmental justice’ program

This Obama-era legislation could help Trump advance his agenda of smaller, more accountable and efficient government

Survey: Most Americans think Democrats are the party of big government statism

Elizabeth Warren pushing for government-run health care system to “solve” the problem of government-run health care systems

SHOCK: This map shows how much land the federal government actually owns

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