Bill Clinton

Another day, another grant of IMMUNITY to a Clinton-tied figure, Tony Podesta, by fake cop MUELLER

Real Treason: THANKS to the CLINTONS America is now RELIANT on RUSSIA for our strategic uranium

Former CIA officer: Hillary ‘involved in BIGGEST TREASON in history’ (Video)

BONGINO BOMBSHELL: Mueller not investigating TRUMP; he’s working to COVER for corrupt CLINTON Foundation

Juanita Broaddrick TORCHES Bill Clinton over his ‘sexual consent’ comments

Investigator: Clintons may have spent their LAST Memorial Day breathing free air as TROVE of released State Dept. emails coming

Russian billionaire cited by porn star’s mouthpiece as paying Trump lawyer has REAL ties to Bill and Hill

A tale of two Bills: Why does Cosby go to jail for 30 years but Clinton can rape and remain free?

Investigators find several bombshells buried in the DoJ IG’s report about Andrew McCabe’s lying, corruption

GOP lawmaker: Rod Rosenstein ‘may be under investigation’ for his supervision of Uranium One case (Video)

FBI’s Uranium One undercover operative Campbell speaks: Bureau looking into Clinton Foundation

FBI agents in Little Rock interview Uranium One informant as Clinton Foundation investigation continues

BOOM: Australian diplomat whose FBI tip prompted Russia probe has TIES to Clintons

FBI informant in Uranium One deal says Russians BRAGGED that the Clintons would SEAL the DEAL

Multiple Governments Are Targeting CLINTONS’ Biggest Charitable Frauds

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