Black Lives Matter

FakeBook: Largest ‘Black Lives Matter’ page on social media giant is a ‘scam’ tied to white Australian

North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police lodge defaced with ‘Black Lives Matter’ graffiti

Proof that ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Antifa are nothing more than anarchist groups

NYPD group: Cops face ‘blue racism’ and threats from Alt-Left

Armed Texas patriot groups to rally in defense of Confederate monument against fascist Alt-Left groups seeking to remove it

Democratic leaders in Baltimore oblivious to skyrocketing crime rate, as cop union warns ‘bodies dropping everywhere’

Racist ‘Black Lives Matter’ prof suspended by college after raucous TV appearance where she disparages white people

Study finds that officers are ‘de-policing’ amid ‘new norm’ of anti-cop violence

Black Lives Matter supporter says ‘We need to start killing people’

‘Black Lives Matter’ radicals want to rewrite MLK’s history of peaceful dissent

Deadly shootings of cops at 20-year high; critics blame Black Lives Matter movement

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