border enforcement

Trump focus on border security leads to 70 percent JUMP in apprehensions

While Democrat CRANKS call for ICE to be abolished, the agency continues to MASSIVELY do its job

INSANITY: Dem congressional candidate in ARIZONA booed repeatedly for supporting ICE (Video)

POTUS Trump to Dems calling for ICE to be abolished: ‘It’ll NEVER happen!’

Majority of Americans side with TRUMP on border wall, illegal immigration

YES! Mark Levin shreds Laura Bush over her INANE pile-on regarding Trump’s border policies

POTUS doubles down on ‘zero tolerance’ policy at U.S. border: ‘We WILL arrest lawbreakers’

Trump effect: Arrests of illegal aliens in the U.S. interior SURGE during C-in-C’s first year in office

Trump sends strict immigration enforcement plan to Congress for approval

Canada’s Left-wing darling Trudeau warns illegal border crossers: Jumping the line ‘won’t fast track asylum’

Head of Border Patrol union says Trump effect has resulted in ‘miraculous’ drop in illegal crossings

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