Border Patrol

Cruz-Graham: DNA testing at border finds that nearly one-third of migrant ‘families’ are fraudulent

Invasion: ICE forced to release more than 200,000 migrants into U.S. since December

GOP Rep. Collins challenges DEMS to fix border crisis: ‘What I just saw would break your heart’

‘Alarming’ number of Border Patrol agents getting SICK thanks to diseases brought by sea of migrants

Congress dithers as border collapses: Nearly 9-in-10 illegals skip court hearing after release into U.S.

New POTUS plan: Border Patrol agents could soon decide migrant ‘asylum’ claims, speeding deportation

A fed-up POTUS orders thousands of additional U.S. troops to border with Mexico

2020 Dem candidate Andrew Yang doing his best TRUMP impersonation in laying out immigration reform plan

SHOCKING video: Adult migrants push children underwater, through razor wire to get into U.S.; but Democrats STILL say there’s no ‘crisis’ on the border?

Those two female students who live-streamed harassment of Border Patrol agents? They’re being charged

Trump is RIGHT: Mexican president’s pro-immigrant policies ARE driving U.S. invasion

As Texas cities are overwhelmed with tens of thousands of invading migrants, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats yawn

Trump threatens again to close U.S.-Mexico border after USBP reports crisis return of ‘catch-and-release’

‘The Conveyor Belt’: Cartels cutting costs by simply BUSSING migrants to southern border as invasion continues

Spike in Mexicans flying to Canada to sneak into U.S.: Here’s how and why the trend is rising

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