Brett Kavanaugh

They never give up: Leftist running ‘dark money’ campaign to get Justice Kavanaugh removed from teaching post

HUGE: Second IT aide to Democratic senator admits stealing thousands of documents to intimidate Republicans during Kavanaugh hearing

Abortion extremists on the Left are going to trigger new Supreme Court restrictions

Is she done? Ginsburg will miss oral arguments NEXT week as well

NO, Justice Kavanaugh did NOT ‘sell out conservatives’ over Planned Parenthood case

Now that Dems control House, their first priority is…impeaching Brett Kavanaugh

Lengthy Senate, FBI investigation into Kavanaugh accusations finds ‘NO EVIDENCE’ to back claims — again

Grassley sends ANOTHER criminal referral to DoJ after Kavanaugh accuser admits she never met him

Lindsey Graham UNLEASHED: Radical Left can ‘kiss my ass’

Porn lawyer Michael Avenatti lashes out at Sen. Grassley after SECOND criminal referral

BIAS: NBC News sat on info that would have cleared Brett Kavanaugh

Ted Cruz heckled by anti-Kavanaugh Leftists again, this time at an airport

DEM priorities if they win in November: Gun control, protect illegals, investigate ‘Russia’

New Yorker reporter suggests she ran with Kavanaugh allegations to show pattern ‘IF true’

POTUS: Dem attempt to destroy Kavanaugh backfiring as Leftists continue to threaten violence

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