Bruce Ohr

It began with a lie: Bruce Ohr’s pivotal role in ‘Spygate’

FITTON: Clinton email probe docs ‘damaged beyond repair’; DoJ hack Bruce Ohr given $28k BONUS during ‘Russiagate’ probe (Video)

Lindsey Graham: FBI knew Christopher Steele was ‘on Dem Party payroll’ as he tried to derail Trump candidacy

With Devin Nunes set to hand DoJ criminal referrals for Trump coup conspirators, THESE people should worry

Fed up with an obstructionist DoJ, House Republican releases FULL text of Bruce Ohr testimony

Days after Comey firing, McCabe’s team re-engaged fired dossier author Steele

Nunes: Evidence Robert Mueller’s team has obtained ‘would be thrown out in court’

2018 GOP House Intelligence Committee memo revealing FBI KNEW Steele dossier was fake turned out to be spot-on

Report: Top DoJ official warned ‘Russia dossier’ connected to Hillary and could be BIASED

Report: Comey ally and former top FBI lawyer James Baker subject of criminal leak investigation

One year later: John Huber’s probe of Obama FBI-DoJ abuse of power produced nothing?

House Judiciary Committee slaps Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson with subpoena

Giuliani: Bruce Ohr should be investigated for possible FELONY

BUSTED: Texas Rep. John Radcliffe says sworn FISA affidavits NEVER mentioned Bruce or Nellie Ohr

DoJ hack Bruce Ohr faces congressional grilling over fake ‘Russia dossier’ in closed-door session

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