Judicial Watch victory: Kentucky will now remove 250,000 names from outdated voter registration rolls

Ingraham: California has become a ‘Democrat-induced disaster’ led by ‘delinquent’ politicians who incite lawlessness, induce poverty

California on verge of becoming our first ‘third-world’ state as disease, trash, homelessness plague biggest cities

Expert: ‘Exodus’ from high-tax states like New York, California ‘just beginning’

SWAT-style raid on Christian school at center of lawsuit as California demands they teach sexual exploitation or be closed

Will Trump’s 2020 campaign make a play for Oregon, California, and other Left-wing Democrat disaster states?

Thank you, Capt. Obvious: The Crisis in San Francisco

SICK: California middle schools now teaching 10-year-olds how to put on condoms, engage in sodomy, and use sex toys

Inmates will run the asylum: Calif. Senate just voted to BAN schools from suspending students for ‘willful defiance’

Only in America? Leftists in Laguna Beach, Calif., triggered by image of American flag on city police cars

Federal judge reverses his REVERSAL of “high capacity” magazine ban following a massive buying spree by California gun owners

Gun supply retailers are FLOODING California with 30-round magazines after fed court rules ban unconstitutional

Federal judge shoots down California firearms magazine ban: ‘Liberty not an outmoded concept’

Judicial Watch founder estimates at least 900,000 illegals voted in the 2018 mid-terms, stealing America away from its own citizens

Guess who sent 120,000 Californians ‘of color’ to jail on her watch? Kamala Harris

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