Charles Grassley

GOP senators to AG Barr: ‘Any improper FBI surveillance during 2016 election MUST be addressed’

Lengthy Senate, FBI investigation into Kavanaugh accusations finds ‘NO EVIDENCE’ to back claims — again

Grassley sends ANOTHER criminal referral to DoJ after Kavanaugh accuser admits she never met him

Porn lawyer Michael Avenatti lashes out at Sen. Grassley after SECOND criminal referral

Senate to FBI: Investigate the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti over Kavanaugh claims

Tucker Carlson: This is how DEMS plan to kill Kavanaugh nomination

Grassley on Blasey Ford testimony timeline: More generous than DEMS gave Anita Hill

Grassley FED UP with Dem delay tactics over Kavanaugh nomination, sets deadline for documents

DOUBLE trouble: Crooked Comey under IG investigation as Grassley singles out his use of secret Gmail account

Grassley to FBI’s Wray: Chairman demands unredacted version of bureau’s ‘Confidential Human Source’ guide

Why did Michael Flynn plead guilty? Sara Carter says FBI agent Pientka wants a chance to ‘state the truth’ about fateful interview

Grassley to potential FBI whistleblowers: ‘I’ve got your BACK’

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