Christopher Wray

DiGenova: ‘Accountable government’ coming as ‘battle royale’ has broken out between AG Barr, deep state

What’s in a word? FBI Director Wray sounds just like Comey when he says ‘We don’t spy, we investigate’

Lindsey Graham demands answers from FBI Director Wray after Roger Stone’s arrest, including who tipped off CNN

Grassley DEMANDS that FBI Director Wray explain raid on Clinton Foundation, Uranium One whistleblower

PATHETIC Dems aid in Russia-fueled DISCOURSE as FBI’s Wray says Moscow does NOT target ELECTION infrastructure

Gowdy BLASTS Rosenstein, Wray; implores them to FINISH Russia investigation: ‘This country is being TORN APART’

Grassley to FBI’s Wray: Chairman demands unredacted version of bureau’s ‘Confidential Human Source’ guide

WOW: Second FBI agent who interviewed Mike Flynn ready to TESTIFY against Comey, McCabe and Strzok

Freedom Caucus chair Meadows SLAMS Rosenstein’s DoJ IG referral; ‘He KNOWS what FBI did; this is a ruse’

House Intel chairman Nunes says it’s time for Congress to hold FBI’s Wray, DoJ’s Rosenstein, in CONTEMPT

NEW Comey edits: Hillary’s private emails containing classified info likely HACKED by ‘hostile forces’

CONFIRMED: Trump-hating FBI agent was on Mueller’s team; House Intel panel chairman threatens FBI, DoJ with contempt

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