GOP Rep. King: ‘Serious abuses’ carried out by FBI, CIA are ‘going to come out’ of Barr’s probe

‘Bull’ Durham to seek interviews with top CIA officials over ‘Russiagate’ origins; time for Comey, Clapper, and Brennan to ‘lawyer up,’ says Hannity

John ‘Bull’ Durham ‘asking all the right questions’ in Russia origin probe; has met ‘several times’ with AG Barr

Not the war we want: The coming ‘shadow war’ with Iran

DiGenova: Spygate tip of iceberg, as FISA court has evidence of Obama-era spying MUCH sooner, in 2012

Going to ground: Who else has not been identified in this coup attempt against POTUS Trump?

Durham reportedly examining documents generated by ‘fusion cell’ set up by Brennan for ‘Spygate’

John Brennen’s unhinged anger at POTUS explained: CIA implicated in deep state lies to media claiming ‘Trump-Russia collusion’

Yes, the CIA’s ‘MKUltra’ mind-control program was REAL and used to ‘drug criminals’ to ‘improve interrogations,’ new documents reveal

WaPo reporter covered up CIA, FBI doubts about key Steele dossier claim regarding Michael Cohen

Attkisson: CIA has been spying on Americans for decades

Was Hillary Clinton or Dianne Feinstein responsible for the exposure and deaths of 20 CIA spies in China?

SO corrupt: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange was ready to give COMEY technical details on Podesta email hack but FBI head said NO

BAM: U.S., British intel officials BOTH in on targeting of Trump campaign

Nolte: ‘Trump hate has finally killed off the 1960s’

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