climate change hoax

Leftist prof says concern over climate change ‘causing anxiety’ over our future, but really, blame the hoaxers

The ‘crucial’ glacier that was receding because of ‘human-caused climate change’? It’s growing again

More RINOs caving on climate change hoax: ‘It’s just not worth the fight anymore’

NBC News’ Chuck Todd has decided: No more air time for ‘climate change deniers’

Left-wing news sites say weather control is impossible, then they claim Trump is generating hurricanes

Left-wing LUNACY: Waiters and baristas could go to JAIL in Santa Barbara for handing out STRAWS

The ‘global warming’ HOAX is 30 years old: Here are some of the DUMBEST doom-and-gloom predictions

STUPID: Climate hoaxer Al Gore sez ‘bitter cold’ is the new global warming

2017 NOT a good year for ‘global warming’ films, as moviegoers SHUN the hoax

Trump blamed for MORE ‘global warming’ and pending ‘climate catastrophe’

Trump vindication on leaving Paris climate accords: UN says they were a waste of space

‘War on coal is over’ says Trump’s EPA chief as admin crushes Obama’s climate plan

No, all these hurricanes are NOT being caused by humans, says climate scientist

Make energy expensive again: California cities SUE oil companies over bogus ‘climate change’ hoax

White House denies claim admin WON’T withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

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