climate change

DOPEY: Al Gore predicted an ICE-FREE North Pole 8 years…because ‘global warming’

Budget BUSTED: Feds spend $3 million to study how to make Americans eat less, use less energy (due to ‘climate change’)

NO money for hoaxes: Trump will remove ‘climate change’ as national security threat

Report: Attempting to ‘artificially cool’ the planet would lead to disaster

Israeli astrophysicist on climate: ‘Evidence for warming is not evidence for warming by humans’

Trump begins process of unraveling Obama’s ‘global warming’ policy

Inconvenient: Scientist’s e-book OUTSELLING Gore’s global warming hoax sequel

Former Obama officials operating shadow “science” network to push politicized climate data on an unsuspecting public

More proof the Paris ‘climate’ accords were nothing more than a GIANT fraud (and wealth transfer)

Global warming hoax revealed AGAIN: Study finds surface temp data ‘adjusted’ to show continual warming

Discredited former UN climate chief issues latest hoax scare: ‘Only three years’ left to save planet

Science illiterate Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for “revolution” after Trump exits Paris climate fraud

Report: Trump says he will take U.S. OUT of Paris accords, keeping campaign pledge

Montana Dem candidate says climate change skeptics should consider suicide

Globaloney: Extreme weather at all-time lows as ‘climate change’ hoax continues to unravel

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