Clinton campaign

Gowdy: Corrupt FBI gave TWO different types of briefings to candidates Clinton and Trump

It began with a lie: Bruce Ohr’s pivotal role in ‘Spygate’

POTUS Trump schools former Clinton sycophant Stephanopoulos about taking ‘foreign dirt’ on political opponent

Meadows: Comey’s FBI KNEW that Steele dossier was a pack of lies when it got spy warrant on Team Trump

DiGenova: Christopher Steele testimony to ‘Bull’ Durham will PROVE ‘FBI lied to Congress’ and FISA court

Hillary may have masterminded the ‘Spygate’ scandal but the great enabler, OBAMA, let it all happen

WOW! Putin claims U.S. intelligence helped MOVE $400 MILLION to Hillary’s 2016 campaign

Obama hack Ben Rhodes’ breakdown on night Hillary LOST to POTUS Trump is epic

Investigator: Clintons may have spent their LAST Memorial Day breathing free air as TROVE of released State Dept. emails coming

Group alleges Clinton campaign, DNC, laundered tens of MILLIONS to state agencies to avoid campaign finance laws

Nunes: ‘NO evidence’ of Trump-Russia collusion, but ‘CLEAR links’ between Russians, Clinton campaign (Video)

Devin Nunes drops the BOMB: ‘There is CLEAR evidence of collusion’ but….

Judicial Watch’s Fitton: ‘There are at least FOUR anti-Trump dossiers’ (Video)

Report suggests FBI PAID Trump dossier author Steele’s travel expenses so he’d look like an ‘INFORMANT’ rather than a HACK for the DNC

FISA MEMO DROPS…Shows MASSIVE conspiracy to ensnare TEAM TRUMP using BOGUS dossier and COLLUSION with a foreign agent

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