clown show

Chaffetz: Nadler ‘running a clown show with fried chicken’ in quest to impeach POTUS Trump (Video)

Two Obama judges have sided with House Dems demanding POTUS’ financial info: Why Trump will ultimately win

Subpoena happy: Dems consider forcing Robert Mueller to testify as GOP members rail against the machine

Limbaugh: ‘Shock, surprise’ Dems staging Cohen clown show while Trump tries to ‘de-nuke’ North Korea

Cohen testimony a ‘production’ put on by Democrats: If he HAD real evidence of Trump crimes, Mueller wouldn’t let him speak

Lunatic DEM Frederica Wilson hits POTUS over ‘dog’ reference to Omarosa, but whatever the LEFT calls prez is OK?

IDIOT Kimmel Preaches Gun Control, Discourages Prayer And Uses School Shooting To Advance His Political Agenda

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