Mexican officials confirm DHS report that criminals ARE part of migrant caravan

Lengthy Senate, FBI investigation into Kavanaugh accusations finds ‘NO EVIDENCE’ to back claims — again

Mitch McConnell vows: GOP ‘will not be intimidated’ by unhinged Kavanaugh haters

Cotton: ‘Kavanaugh will be confirmed this week’

Flake ADMITS he would not have endangered Kavanaugh nomination if he wasn’t retiring

Sex crimes prosecutor completely EXONERATES Kavanaugh in new report

Say what? Ford attorney Katz says her client ‘rejects’ one-week limit on new Kavanaugh probe

Flake’s farewell swan song may just have tanked Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation

Kavanaugh STILL not implicated in actual sex abuse by third accuser

Now, a FOURTH purported ‘witness’ claims NO knowledge of Kavanaugh assault

McConnell vows to ‘plow through’ the barriers to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court

Lindsey Graham assures in late-night tweet: ‘Kavanaugh nomination STILL on track!

Trump’s next SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh is SAILING toward confirmation, AP has to admit

Disgusting: Schumer won’t support Trump judicial nominee because he’s WHITE

Gorsuch confirmed as constitutionalists again dominate high court

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