More censorship: Apple threatening to ban social media app Parler because it won’t punish conservatives

Why free-market conservatives are wrong on this one: It’ll take federal intervention to break up Google, Facebook monopolies

Jack Dorsey and Twitter support actual terrorist organizations by allowing them to remain online: Report

New film ‘You Can’t Watch This’ chronicles the big tech censorship of conservatives

CBS News pushes plan to annihilate free speech online and implement a ‘disinformation’ filter to enforce an ‘official narrative’

There are two Americas: The one created by lawless, morally bankrupt Democrats and the real one

Three doctors in Congress pan socialist ‘Medicare for all’ as really ‘healthcare for none’

As Trump admin loses another ‘sanctuary city’ case, the Left is setting the stage for a HUGE conservative backlash

HATE is the currency of the Left, and they spend it carelessly

Reagan staffer says Trump picking more ‘philosophically conservative’ federal judges than the Gipper

Survey: Voters in BOTH parties want them to move more to the right

Views: The American Left doesn’t just hate conservatives, they want to exterminate us

2018 will be remembered as the year of Big Tech censorship of conservatives

Dershowitz: Comparing Trump to Hitler is ‘like being a Holocaust denier’

Most House RINOs who signed cheap-labor ‘Discharge Amnesty’ gone in January

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