Mueller’s corrupt prosecutors attempted to get Michael Flynn to cop to a lie, then labeled him a ‘co-conspirator’ to bogus charge

Fox panel: Russians intercepted Clinton email sent to FBI suggesting cover-up to exonerate her

Gowdy: Corrupt FBI gave TWO different types of briefings to candidates Clinton and Trump

Did Robert Mueller break the law to indict Paul Manafort by using suspect ‘black cash ledger?’

It began with a lie: Bruce Ohr’s pivotal role in ‘Spygate’

Steven Bannon blasts ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden over son’s China deal: ‘He took $1.5 billion from them!’

DoJ announces expanded and ‘broad’ probe into Team Trump surveillance abuse: ‘Heads are going to roll,’ say experts (Video)

John ‘Bull’ Durham ‘asking all the right questions’ in Russia origin probe; has met ‘several times’ with AG Barr

FITTON: Clinton email probe docs ‘damaged beyond repair’; DoJ hack Bruce Ohr given $28k BONUS during ‘Russiagate’ probe (Video)

Hillary may have masterminded the ‘Spygate’ scandal but the great enabler, OBAMA, let it all happen

Nunes blasts politicized Mueller team for ‘FRAUD’ after discrepancies found between ‘source information’ on former POTUS lawyer

Nunes on Deep State: ‘Someone was running an op against the Trump campaign on FOREIGN soil’

British intel informed incoming Trump team, Congress that Steele dossier was BS; why are Dems pushing for impeachment?

DiGenova: Spygate tip of iceberg, as FISA court has evidence of Obama-era spying MUCH sooner, in 2012

Complaint filed with IRS alleges wife of Elijah Cummings got illegal benefits from his committee activities

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