Cory Booker

Wow: Cory Booker wants to create a ‘Federal Dept. of Abortion’

Cory Booker flat-out LIED about toy guns being more regulated that real ones

2020 Dem gun grabbers, beware: At least 650,000 ticked off, armed American rebels await your confiscation

Cory Booker tries to revive his failing 2020 presidential bid with more anti-gun authoritarianism

Early New Hampshire polling has ‘old white guys’ leading Democratic pack as party elders worry about extreme Leftward lurch

Rand Paul’s wife calls out Cory Booker in op-ed for ‘get in their faces’ comment

Justice Thomas gets it: ‘How can we maintain a civil society’ without ‘honor’ among governing class?

First Mad Maxine and now Crank Corey Booker: Another far-Left DEM urges supporters to ‘get in’ Republican’s faces

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