McConnell just grew a set, says Trump’s comments about ‘The Squad’ didn’t go far enough

Trump is right: Dems who ‘hate America’ as founded should turn in their passports and get out

Running for cover? Rosenstein BLASTS Comey as ‘political partisan’ who ‘crossed bright lines’

You know who’s getting sick and tired of Ocasio-Cortez? Everybody

Are Muslims the new Left-wing protected class? Critical social media posts may soon get Americans banned

Former Miss USA contestant yanks Ocasio-Cortez’s leash: ‘You’re not the boss of the American people’

Fed up: Trump calls Ann Coulter ‘whacky nut job’ as he schools her on his border progress

Anti-American: 2020 Dem hopeful Biden trashes his own country in Europe

Hey Mitt, we’d rather have a gruff Trump than a polite loser like you

After comedian Jim Carrey goes ‘all in for socialism,’ a Venezuelan journalist schools him

Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie SLAMS Left-wing media for making McCain’s funeral about TRUMP

The pathetic Nancy Pelosi LOVED the Iran NON-nuclear ‘deal’ but dares to criticize North Korean agreement

U.S. intelligence: N. Korea’s threat to pull out of nuclear summit meant to ‘buy time’ to hide weapons

In the twilight of his life, the REAL John McCain emerges

Shania Twain walks back praise of President Trump after the snowflakes on Twitter melt, making Joe Stalin smile in his grave

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