Supreme Court hands Dems a victory by refusing to review DACA rulings

It is now undeniable: DEMS own the government shutdown after refusing POTUS Trump’s DACA deal

Graham: ‘REAL damage’ to U.S. not coming from partial shutdown but from ‘a broken border’

POTUS says he’ll have a ‘scary’ amount of power if Supreme Court doesn’t overturn DACA

Once more, Dems prove they don’t really care about DACA recipients

Trump admin returns to Supreme Court in ‘aggressive’ bid to end DACA

WTH? Federal judge believes DACA likely unconstitutional but allows it to go on anyway

Federal judge REVERSES himself and hands Trump admin huge win on DACA

Sessions VOWS: ‘I will APPEAL court ruling’ ordering Obama-era amnesty program reinstated

Of Course! New report says Obama’s DACA program handed protections to THOUSANDS of criminal aliens

Lame duck RYAN will ALLOW amnesty votes on his way out the RINO exit

Trump gives RINOs, open-border Dems the middle finger over amnesty: ‘We’re going to change the entire system’ of immigration

Breaking: Trump admin issuing quotas for immigration judges to speed deportations (Video)

White House pushes back against reports that admin considering DACA amnesty in exchange for minor wall funding

DACA DREAMers turn on…Democrats

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