Pompeo lauds POTUS Trump over landmark deal with Mexico: ‘Diplomacy at its finest’

Invasion: ICE forced to release more than 200,000 migrants into U.S. since December

Clinton lawyers, DoJ, made deal to block the FBI’s access to Clinton Foundation emails, Strzok says

Dems, media claim upper hand in border wall talks, but Trump’s already building it

POTUS Trump teases ‘major announcement’ on border crisis: Is a deal in the offing?

Graham: ‘REAL damage’ to U.S. not coming from partial shutdown but from ‘a broken border’

Trump haters TRIGGERED by POTUS success: Losers and underachievers attack

Trump’s plan for ‘some’ DACA recipients: ‘Morph’ into citizens but NOT quickly

DEAL with DoJ gives House Intel Chair Nunes access to ALL documents, witnesses, in Russia witch-hunt collusion probe

Line in the sand: House Freedom Caucus chair vows NO DACA amnesty in upcoming spending bill

Kellyanne: No funding for wall, no ‘deal’ can be made on DACA

In Trump We Trust

Left-wing media trying to split Trump away from his base with BS ‘DACA deal’ narrative

Trump approval pops to 46 percent as prez upends the DC establishment

White House: Yeah, Trump doesn’t care what feckless GOP leaders think about his ‘deal’ with Dems

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