Democratic nomination

Booker, Harris attacking Joe Biden over race: Is that ALL they’ve got?

Unhinged: Russian collusion ‘truther’ Swalwell says impeaching Trump ‘only way to save country’

Dem civil WAR: Ocasio-Cortez chafes at Joe Biden for entering 2020 race; ‘Not interested in going backward’

Guess who DIDN’T endorse Joe Biden for president? That would be OBAMA

Infanticide backer Kamala Harris’ sick joke: ‘We can judge a society by the way it treats its children’

Racist Gov. ‘Infanticide’ Northam is still in charge of Virginia: Where are the media and ‘justice’ Democrats?

That time when Joe Biden supported segregation as a matter of ‘black pride’

Anti-Christian bigot Kamala Harris wants to be president in 2020, but not for ALL Americans

REPORT: Hillary is running for president (again) in 2020

‘Mayor of Gaffeville’ Joe Biden thinking about a 2020 prez bid; see his most infamous gaffes

After Hillary fainted, VP Biden nearly became Dem prez nominee: Former DNC boss Brazile

A federal judge reaffirms that the Democratic Party cheated Sanders supporters by rigging primaries to favor Hillary—then says there’s nothing he can do about it

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