Democratic Party

Lindsey Graham: FBI knew Christopher Steele was ‘on Dem Party payroll’ as he tried to derail Trump candidacy

NOT ‘mainstream’: Bernie’s plan to let ALL felons vote is a non-starter for vast majority of Americans

The ‘Anti-America’ Party: Democrats fighting hard for illegal aliens, Mexican unions, but not U.S. workers

Study: U.S. is ALREADY home to one-fifth of the world’s migrant population (but Dems want MORE)

The Democratic Party’s Existential Identity Crisis

Anti-Christian bigot Kamala Harris wants to be president in 2020, but not for ALL Americans

If GOP claims of vote fraud in Florida are bogus, why did the state Democratic Party just lawyer up?

Radical Left now calling for ban of voting rights for all straight white men

First Mad Maxine and now Crank Corey Booker: Another far-Left DEM urges supporters to ‘get in’ Republican’s faces

Establishment Dems REJECT Left-wing darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s attempt to TAKE OVER party: ‘It AIN’T happening, OK?’

DENIED! Marxists absorbing Democratic Party as Feinstein rejected in favor of Kevin de Leon

A Democratic senator has a MESSAGE for his party: Stifle the RAGE and dump the SOCIALISTS

Bernie Sanders on today’s Democrat policies: ‘Radical has now gone mainstream’

Missouri state senator who hoped for Trump assassination and tweeted threat to Gov. Grietens now wants reparations for slavery

Black writer/activist: Congressional Black Caucus’ behavior during SOTU address show they are ‘slaves to Democratic Party’

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