Here we go again: Texas Dem Rep introduces articles of impeachment against POTUS Trump [UPDATED]

Trump is right: Dems who ‘hate America’ as founded should turn in their passports and get out

CHILLING: Elizabeth Warren threatens immigration agents with ‘task force’ that will hold them ‘accountable’

Support for impeaching POTUS Trump falls AGAIN leaving infighting Dems with little to campaign for ahead of 2020

Democrat obstructionism is working: ICE agents fail to make ANY arrests in NYC during early deportation operations

Lt. Col. Allen West: ‘Pelosi just committed a high crime and misdemeanor’ over her ‘advice’ to illegals about how to avoid ICE agents

Lunacy: Hysterical Rashida Tlaib says Democrats should push for OPEN borders, decriminalize illegal crossings

Graham says Democrat infighting between Pelosi, AOC, far-Left faction will lead to GOP House majority in 2020

Clinton-era State Department official headed to prison for taking money, gifts from China

Ingraham: California has become a ‘Democrat-induced disaster’ led by ‘delinquent’ politicians who incite lawlessness, induce poverty

Survey says: Most ‘swing’ voters, independents OPPOSE free healthcare for illegal aliens

Tucker: Citizenship question on 2020 census vital because ‘we have no idea who’s living in USA’ (Video)

AG Barr backs citizenship inquiry on Census as he replaces ENTIRE DoJ legal team dealing with the question

Gowdy: GOP needs to stop ‘promising more to come’ in Spygate; we know enough already to go after people (Video)

Dem civil war: Pelosi BLASTS Ocasio-Cortez, far-Left faction; ‘They’re four people, that’s how many votes they’ve got’

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