Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Grassley to Rosenstein: ‘Give me the unredacted memo outlining Mueller’s scope NOW’

DYNAMITE: Comey’s FBI pitched Russia oligarch tied to Mueller on ‘COLLUSION’ narrative right before 2016 election

FED UP: Trump threatens to use ‘presidential powers’ to force DoJ, FBI to release documents Congress wants

House Judiciary chairman Goodlatte to SUBPOENA DoJ for Comey memos

GOP lawmaker: Rod Rosenstein ‘may be under investigation’ for his supervision of Uranium One case (Video)

Report: Rod Rosenstein says he’s ready to be FIRED by POTUS Trump

DiGenova: Mueller is destroying DoJ and Sessions sitting around ‘like a bump on a log’

House Intel chairman Nunes says it’s time for Congress to hold FBI’s Wray, DoJ’s Rosenstein, in CONTEMPT

Smoking gun: Mueller memo from indicates he and Rosenstein ‘colluded to break the law,’ says legal expert

DiGenova: ‘I have no respect’ for Rod Rosenstein after Mueller appointment; he’s ‘taken away’ Trump’s first year as president

Legal Analysis: Constitution compels that Sessions must RESTRAIN Mueller

Limbaugh: ‘Rod Rosenstein exonerated Hillary from Whitewater scandal’

Jarrett: There are SIX WAYS Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe and Yates are in ‘SERIOUS legal jeopardy’

Limbaugh on Mueller indictments of Russians: ‘There’s absolutely NOTHING here!’

SECOND source confirms: Rosenstein THREATENED House Intel chair Nunes and entire GOP side of committee

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