Devin Nunes

Nunes blasts ‘leaker’ Schiff and Dems at Intel Committee hearing over ‘grotesque spectacle’ of perpetuating Russian collusion hoax

Nunes blasts politicized Mueller team for ‘FRAUD’ after discrepancies found between ‘source information’ on former POTUS lawyer

Nunes on Deep State: ‘Someone was running an op against the Trump campaign on FOREIGN soil’

Nunes calls Mueller report the ‘Mueller dossier’ and a ‘fantasy’ because it relied largely on manufactured fake news

BOMBSHELLS: Nunes says Strzok-Page ‘insurance policy’ part of original FISA spy application and exculpatory evidence exists for Papadopoulos (Video)

Devin Nunes: ‘Comey is in a lot of trouble’ after making ‘a mess of the FBI’

Nunes smells a rat: Lawmaker demands docs from CIA, NSA, State Dept., after casting DOUBT about Mueller report’s findings regarding Mifsud

AG Barr CONFIRMS the deep state’s worst fear: ‘We have multiple criminal leak investigations under way’

Nunes dishes SOME details on five criminal referrals he’s made to AG Barr: ‘SPYING on Trump campaign began in 2015’

As Nunes makes criminal referrals to DoJ, Judicial Watch finds more evidence FBI ‘covered up’ Hillary’s criminal mishandling of classified emails

With Devin Nunes set to hand DoJ criminal referrals for Trump coup conspirators, THESE people should worry

Kingpins behind ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theory, James Clapper and John Brennan, both lied to Congress; are charges coming?

Devin Nunes promising COUNTERATTACK against POTUS coup plotters and Clinton operatives who perpetuated Russian collusion hoax

Don Jr.: Conservatives face huge Big Tech censorship hurdle in 2020

Hannity: Deep State ‘day of reckoning’ about to happen as Devin Nunes warns of ‘criminal referrals’ coming

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