Dianne Feinstein

Dems pushing to ban the most highly regulated firearm accessory there is: Suppressors

Immigrant nominee for Ninth Circuit court schools Dems on racism: ‘My dad had a gut understanding of what makes America great’

Dan Crenshaw fact-checks Dianne Feinstein over her ridiculous border wall statement

New DEM ‘assault weapons’ ban is not about public safety it’s about public enslavement: The stats prove it

Roger Stone tells Feinstein to stuff it; won’t cooperate with Senate Judiciary Committee

Trump praises FBI probe of Kavanaugh, but for a completely Trumpian reason

Flake ADMITS he would not have endangered Kavanaugh nomination if he wasn’t retiring

Feinstein ‘investigated?’ Here’s why nothing’s going to come of it

Grassley lashes out at Feinstein after she REFUSES to sit in on call with Kavanaugh accuser

Leftist insanity: Dem Sen. Feinstein savaged for apologizing to Kavanaugh for disruptions

Was Hillary Clinton or Dianne Feinstein responsible for the exposure and deaths of 20 CIA spies in China?

Dianne Feinstein’s PATHETIC excuse following Chinese spy revelation proves Mueller probe IS a witch hunt

DENIED! Marxists absorbing Democratic Party as Feinstein rejected in favor of Kevin de Leon

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