POTUS does it! Orders declassification of docs related to Obama’s ‘Spygate’ operation

As Nunes makes criminal referrals to DoJ, Judicial Watch finds more evidence FBI ‘covered up’ Hillary’s criminal mishandling of classified emails

Report: Hacker group set to release ‘9/11 papers’ that will ‘burn down’ the Deep State

Judicial Watch: Obama regime quickly provided classified ‘Russiagate’ docs to several senators right before Trump inauguration

Will POTUS Trump DECLASSIFY Carter FISA warrant docs this month?

FBI finally releases internal records on ‘Russian dossier’ author Christopher Steele, and we STILL don’t know anything: Here’s Why

NEXT up: GOP lawmakers told of NEW documents tied to fake ‘Russia dossier’ after Lisa Page testimony

CONFIRMED: The FBI paid British spy Christopher Steele for the BOGUS Trump ‘pee’ dossier

Devin Nunes turns up HEAT on DoJ, FBI: Wants 17 officials to testify regarding FISA court ABUSE

BOOM! Jim Jordan, Rod Rosenstein fireworks at House hearing: ‘We’ve caught you hiding information!’

Gowdy to Rosenstein and Wray: ‘Give Congress documents OR deal with POTUS and CONTEMPT’

Sen. Grassley now DEMANDING all info on Gen. Flynn from DoJ, FBI: 2ND FBI agent says also that Flynn DIDN’T lie

Hannity scorches MIA AG Jeff Sessions: ‘Are you PART of the deep state?’

House GOP leaders demand documents related to Comey friend Daniel Richman, leaker of memos

FED UP: Trump threatens to use ‘presidential powers’ to force DoJ, FBI to release documents Congress wants

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