Don Lemon

Of course! CNN hack Don Lemon blames Trump, conservatives for Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime hoax

Former Navy SEAL lays waste to Don Lemons’ ‘ignorant’ comments about ‘white male terrorists’

CNN host Don Lemon refuses to call Left-wing mobs a ‘mob,’ tells conservative to ‘shut up’

CNN’s Don Lemon: Harassing, threatening conservative lawmakers ‘is what you get’

While LeBron James and Don Lemon dis POTUS Trump, they ignore the BIGGEST killer of black people

Race-baiting CNN hack Don Lemon asks political ‘expert’ LeBron James about Trump era, gets exactly what he wanted

Black unemployment LOWEST under Trump but CNN chump Don Lemon finds something to complain about

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin tells Don Lemon her ‘BALLS’ are ‘BIGGER’ in live broadcast (Video)

Left is using “racism” and “bigotry” to justify starting the next civil war

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