Donald Trump Jr.

Didn’t get the memo: Senate Intel chairman Richard Burr issues subpoena to Don Jr. over ‘Russia matters’

What a HACK: Never-prosecutor Jerrold Nadler says ‘plenty of evidence’ in Mueller report to charge Don Jr.

Don Jr.: Conservatives face huge Big Tech censorship hurdle in 2020

Andrew Napolitano: ‘I expect Don Jr. to be indicted by Robert Mueller’

Donald Trump Jr. posts campaign ad that CNN refused to run: ‘I guess they only run fake news’

Trump Jr.: POTUS Dad has only ‘SMALL group’ of people he can trust in the White House

FLASHBACK: Several figures at infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer were associated with bogus dossier creator Fusion GPS

Here’s why Cohen’s ‘bombshell’ claim about POTUS knowledge of Trump Tower Russian meeting…ISN’T

Cohen claim that POTUS knew of infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian SLAMMED by the Prez: ‘NO!’

Lying LIARS: Pravda media INVENT Trump comments about illegal immigration; leave out reference to MS-13 gang

More about NOTHING: Senate transcripts regarding Don Jr.’s Tower meeting with Russian lawyer PROVE he was telling the truth

Bannon releases FULL STATEMENT after ‘Fire and Fury’ debacle: Defends DON Jr.; FULLY backs Trump

EXPOSED? Trump assistant Dan Scavino calls out ‘Leaker Adam Schiff’

Hillary gloats over Moore loss in Alabama; Don Jr. torches her for ‘election advice’

Don Jr. says CNN didn’t bother to contact him for comment before publishing latest BOTCHED report on ‘Russian collusion’

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