double standard

Arizona school suspends student for posing in POTUS gear with flag: Remember when teachers forced kids to sing Obama’s praises?

Lewandowsky: In Mueller probe only Trump supporters go to jail, ‘Hillary people get immunity’

TWO systems: JW’s Fitton says FBI’s Strzok did NOTHING with evidence Russians hacked Hillary’s private server (Video)

OUTRAGE: Washed up lib law prof Lawrence Tribe uses ‘shoot to kill’ metaphor discussing Trump impeachment

The pattern of corruption in the DC swamp has one common element: Democrats

A tale of two Bills: Why does Cosby go to jail for 30 years but Clinton can rape and remain free?

U.S. magazine editors who fawned over Michelle Obama are now ignoring first lady Melania, a former model

Legal watchdog says Comey ILLEGALLY leaked memos to prompt Trump special counsel: ‘Where’s the DoJ?’

SET-UP: Whistleblower says top FBI exec suggested bureau had personal motives to ruin Michael Flynn’s career

Report: Past lies from DEMS show distinct double standard when it comes to accountability (Video)

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