Election 2020

POTUS Trump’s campaign launch event drawing 100,000 while ‘Impeach Trump’ events attracted almost no one nationwide

Bonanza: GOP more than DOUBLES Dem fundraising in April, defying the polls

When are we going to stop getting lectures on morality from Pete Buttigieg?

2020 LANDSLIDE? Trump’s approval rating at all-time HIGH as he tops Obama at same time in presidency

Limbaugh: If POTUS Trump shuts down the border, builds the wall, ‘no Dem can beat him in 2020’

Beyond 2020: Trump’s next big immigration fight will be dealing with ‘sanctuary cities’

Bernie Sanders is back in for 2020: Calls POTUS a ‘pathological liar’ but refuses to be honest about socialism

Dems and RINOs have given Trump his 2020 rallying cry: ‘Finish the wall!’

Report: 70 percent of those registered for ‘racist’ Trump’s El Paso rally were Hispanics

GOP releases list targeting 55 House seats for pickups in 2020

Dems are unloading on former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s potential indy 2020 prez run because he’s polling well with their voters

Election 2020: The masses can VOTE their way into socialism, but you always end up having to SHOOT your way out

That time when Joe Biden supported segregation as a matter of ‘black pride’

Elizabeth Warren wants to empower the federal government to confiscate your savings

Fear: Dems threaten BOYCOTT of Starbucks if ‘independent’ former CEO Howard Schultz launches 2020 White House bid

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