email investigation

Transcript revealed: When Loretta met Bill on that tarmac in Phoenix

Comey just made a mockery of Congress’ attempt to get answers over his tanking of the Hillary probe

Lindsey Graham 2.0: He ‘will TOTALLY investigate Hillary email scandal’ as Judiciary chairman

Hey, wait a minute: Special ops veterans wonder why POTUS Trump won’t strip HILLARY’s security clearance, too

Is he SERIOUS? Sessions says more firings on the way if NEED BE following explosive DoJ IG report

Rep. Jim Jordan has some legal words of advice for James Comey

Report: McCabe may have issued a ‘stand down’ order in Hillary email investigation

HUGE: Justice Dept. set to release six months’ worth of ‘missing’ texts between Peter Strzok, Lisa Page

Trump swipes at AG Sessions after Republicans in Congress call for DoJ probe of Comey, Clinton

Documents: At time of firing, Comey was being investigated for political interference

DoJ IG report shows McCabe firing for lying was exactly the RIGHT thing to do

House Intel chairman Nunes says it’s time for Congress to hold FBI’s Wray, DoJ’s Rosenstein, in CONTEMPT

Bongino: Loretta Lynch may have OBSTRUCTED justice to get Hillary off the hook

Report: FBI refusing to produce McCabe communications despite COURT order

Flashback: Obama plays ‘LIAR in chief’ with FOX News’ Chris Wallace over claim he doesn’t talk with FBI directors regarding investigations (unless it’s Hillary) (Video)

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